CrossFit Matador requires new members to take our Fundamental Training Programs. The Fundamental Training Programs will get you ready for understanding the CrossFit protocol for the group classes. You will learn safe, correct technique for the exercises we do. People new to CrossFit require a great deal of individual attention. It’s not a matter of fitness; it’s a matter of learning to do the movements correctly, and overcoming mobility/flexibility restrictions. Going directly into group workouts when you are not ready is a recipe for confusion, disappointment and possibly injury.

Each session lasts just over an hour. We will discuss your goals, your experience in fitness, exercise, and sport, your injuries and limitations. We will discuss nutrition and how to keep a workout log. We want you to understand why we do what we do, so you will learn about the CrossFit definition of fitness and method. Each session will introduce new movements and review movements from previous classes. There will be a workout, stretching, and cool down.

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