What are free Saturday classes?

The Free Saturday Classes are for those clients who are new to CrossFit. There are Personal Training Classes the clients are required to take before being allow to enroll into the CrossFit Classes (Cost is $350 non-refundable once you start your first personal training class). The Free Saturday Class are not to be used to for coming to do a Workout Of the Day (WOD).

I’ve been doing CrossFit for the past few months/years – Fundamental Course

Typically, our Coaches evaluate your movement during your personal training class ($150 non-refundable once you start the the class) to determine whether or not you need to do the Personal Training classes. Our priority is to set all our members up for success, so we do not completely dismiss the necessity for personal training…but hey, if we can save you time and money, of course we will always try to do so.


Membership – Once members start their monthly membership, CrossFit Matador offers NO REFUNDS.

I’m a CrossFit Matador member – How do I place my account on hold?

All membership Freezes, Cancellations, or Auto-pay holds must be requested in writing via email (info@cfmatador.com) two weeks prior to the next billing cycle. Late request will not be honored. Memberships on hold can not exceed 30 days.

If I want to cancel my membership I already paid during the month would I get a refund?

CrossFit Matador does not offer any pro-rated refunds once the membership has been paid. You can come all you want until the last day of your membership.

Membership Payments are due on due date. Memberships are due on the date you signed up every month. If your are past due, you will be required to pay a late payment of $25 every month the payment is past due on top of your monthly membership payment.

Do you have a questions that is not answered above? Email info@cfmatador.com to contact us directly!