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Our fitness program combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and High Intensity Cardio.

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Work on your range of motion to prevent joint stiffness and increase flexibility.

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A long term lifestyle change, not just a short term fix.

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Transform your body, your mind, and your attitude.

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Christopher "Chris" M.
Christopher "Chris" M.
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"Gaining Muscle is the first thing that goes through your mind but Crossfit gives far beyond just muscle!

It gives stamina, speed, explosiveness, mobility, and when you wrap that all up it gives you mental confidence in your body to push yourself to limits in the gym and in everyday life.

Coach David understands the physical and most of all the mental impact doing crossfit can have on a person and that's what make his gym that much better.

Now come get them gains!"
Melissa O.
Melissa O.
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"This review is way overdue ! Cannot express the warm , fun and welcoming atmosphere this gym has . The coach is great and has great teaching methods . I definitely recommend!"
Adriana C.
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"I love this gym! David is an amazing trainer and great person overall, he started me on a fitness journey that has literally transformed my life. This place has everything you need: strength training, lifting, high intensity workouts & mobility exercises. It is also by far the cleanest gym I have been to. Most importantly, I am surrounded by supportive and friendly people who are like family to me. I have been a member for 4 years and enjoy working out here."
Terri M.
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"I’ve been attending classes at Matador Fitness for 5 years. Before coming to the “box” I’ve tried other popular gyms in my area but, never felt like I belonged there. People weren’t friendly, lacked knowledge of movements, or it was so crowded I felt like a number or didn’t have time to teach properly.

I was very intimidated when first trying Crossfit but immediately felt comfortable here at Matador Fitness. The camaraderie is awesome, we are definitely one sweaty family! I really needed a place where I would be accountable and have people cheering for me when I didn’t think I could push myself anymore but, I am absolutely amazed and proud of myself for what I have accomplished these past 5 years. I am stronger, leaner and have the confidence to tackle the workouts.

The coaches attention to detail is spot on, they instruct while showing the movements then watches and makes corrections before proceeding. There is always a blend of endurance, strength training and cardio for all fitness levels. AND they’re always watching!

I would definitely recommend Matador Fitness to anyone who is looking to have a healthy, active lifestyle while making some life long friends!"
Barbara R.
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"This is a great place and I have been a member for 3+ years. Coach Dave is experienced in all skill levels and will make you look forward to your workouts. I'm 65 and the oldest woman there but Coach works with my skill set and it is very rewarding. I would highly recommend to any age group regardless of what shape you are in. Plus there is a great group of people there that are not only fun but very encouraging."
Kim I.
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"Why I love Matador Fitness! It doesn’t matter your age, your fitness level, our Coach will scale any workout to your ability. But if he knows you have it in you to push harder, he does encourage you, which I love. Every member is like family to me. We celebrate and support each other, I love the workout variations, which keep me motivated. I have been a member +6 years and see no end in sight. Coach has made me a stronger person in so many ways. And I thank him for that!"
Diana B.
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"Matador Fitness is my home away from home. As a longtime client for 7 years, I cannot say enough good words about this place. I started my fitness journey here when my second son was just a year old and I was still breastfeeding. I rarely worked out in a gym before although I did exercise regularly and thought I was in relatively good shape. My goal was to just lose that leftover weight in my belly that was so hard to shed with the type of workouts I was doing.

When I first started, I soon realized that the Matador Fitness workouts were like no other. They were intense, combining weightlifting with HIIT-style workouts...the kind where you are giving your all to get them done and feel so accomplished once you do. I soon grew to love them! The great thing about the workouts was that they were modifiable depending on my level of experience.

But what really struck me was the community atmosphere. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and motivated one another to get it done. I also loved the small class sizes where the owner was also a coach. I felt that I was given the attention I needed as a beginner who was inexperienced with a lot of these movements. It was almost like having my own personal trainer but at an affordable cost.

Fast forward 7 years later and I continue to love the workouts, maybe because they are always different. Some of the people who I met when I first started and many who have come after have now become some of my best friends. We support each other during the workouts, but also in life having formed common bonds as mothers, full-time employees, or as people who just try to do our best to stay active and healthy. I can also say that I’m much stronger than I ever thought I’d be and have definitely upped my endurance which I need with two young sons. More importantly, I think my mindset has become more positive in large part from surrounding myself with a diverse group of individuals who lift me up.

If you’re looking for an awesome place to workout that has challenging, varied workouts combining resistance training with cardio in a family-like atmosphere, Matador Fitness is the place to try out. You won’t be disappointed...I sure wasn’t!"
Gerry O.
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“I’ve been a member of Matador Fitness for 4 years now... Coach Dave is very patient with new members to learn the proper technique from the start so as to not injure yourself... As you become proficient in the work outs, you naturally get stronger and lose weight faster.... I’m 6’ tall and now weight 225lbs and a 36-38”waist line... In contrast, when I began @ Matador Fitness I was approx. 285lbs with a 42” waistline lethargic and tired all the time... I now have the energy necessary to work the entire day with energy to spare... I cannot thank Coach Dave enough for his dedication and true concern for all his clients... Dr Gerald E. Oranje (Pittsburg)"
George T.
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“I've been with Matador Fitness for a little over a year. I joined because my routine workouts weren't really giving me the results I wanted. I really liked the different workouts and the challenges of CrossFit. I'm an older male and was on the heavier side so many movements were very hard for me to do without pain. Coach David modified things as I needed. I enjoy the combination of weights, strength and endurance training. The atmosphere and comradery from a small group gets me through a lot of tough workouts. I've now been bringing both my sons with me and it's a great bonding time for us and leads to a lot of competition."
Darrell B.
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“I’ve struggled with exercising most of my life. I always wanted to be active, but lacked the discipline to stick with a regular gym routine. I routinely found myself paying for a gym membership that I never used. Discovering Matador Fitness was a game changer for me. It felt like I had a personal trainer and a whole squad full of people encouraging me every step of the way. I’ve lost weight (and been able to keep it off), and the best part is, exercising is now a cemented part of my life that I cannot imagine going without. A big thanks to Coach David for your instruction and to the Matador family for their encouragement when I feel like I cannot do one more rep!"



Cardio And
Weight Loss

Matador Fitness workouts combine cardio with weight training, gymnastics & core work to give you the intensity and variety you will need to burn those calories if weight loss is your goal. Keep in mind that you will need to achieve a calorie deficit to shed those extra pounds so nutrition will play a huge role in your weight management program. We can provide you with the proper nutrition resources to assist you with this fitness goal!

Strength And
Muscle Gain

Upper and lower body strength training is a staple of Matador Fitness programming. Barbell, dumbbell, and kettle-bell weights are regularly used in our weight lifting sessions and cardio/endurance workouts. Not everyone is comfortable using weights (at first) so we offer modified (less weight or body weight) versions of our workouts for clients of all fitness levels. We believe in challenging you to increase the weight you use in your workouts over time to help you become stronger not just physically but mentally. An added bonus is that as you gain muscle you will transform your body.

Athletic Performance

Matador Fitness incorporates a variety of the 10 general fitness skills into our specially-designed workouts…Agility, Accuracy, Balance, Cardio/Endurance, Coordination, Flexibility, Power, Stamina, Strength, and Speed. With hard work and consistency, you will be surprised how your level of athletic performance will soar!

Health And Longevity

We all know that regular exercise has many health benefits such as: improving health conditions, preventing diseases, managing weight, maintaining strong muscles & bones, improving mood, boosting energy, and promoting sleep.  To really reap the health benefits of our workouts, we recommend that you come in to train 3 to 5 days a week. We offer both part-time memberships (3 days per week) and full-time memberships (unlimited days per week). We also incorporate mobility work (stretching) into our weekly programming to help reduce muscle tension & soreness and aid in proper muscle recovery.

Health and Longevity

We all know that regular exercise has many health benefits such as: improving health conditions, preventing diseases, managing weight, maintaining strong muscles & bones, improving mood, boosting energy, and promoting sleep.  To really reap the health benefits of our workouts, we recommend that you come in to train 3 to 5 days a week. We offer both part-time memberships (3 days per week) and full-time memberships (unlimited days per week). We also incorporate mobility work (stretching) into our weekly programming to help reduce muscle tension & soreness and aid in proper muscle recovery.


It’s never too late to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle, even in your later years. For our 55 and older clients, we are able to modify our workouts to best suit your needs. Knee issues? Back problems? No problem…we got you covered and you will still get in a great workout! It may be that you need to start out at a lighter weight or move at a slower pace, but you will be doing the same workouts as our other clients. Some of our fittest clients are over 55 years because they have been able to progressively increase their workload as their strength and endurance have increased over time. Our priority is your safety and to ensure that you come in and have a fun & challenging workout experience.

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