About Matador Fitness

About Matador Fitness


Our mission is to help people improve their lives physically and mentally by connecting with them in a supportive community.


When you show up here, you are not thrown into classes with advanced people. You don’t need to get in shape to be welcomed at Matador Fitness. We will give you all the advice and coaching you need to take your fitness level from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be.

We are all about teaching our members to move safely and efficiently. We plan all our weekly classes, guaranteeing that our members get thoughtful workouts that encourage progress and minimize the chance of injury.

We start every new member with our Four-Class Fundamental course that teaches the basics in small classes or one-on-one. After the Fundamental course, new members usually spend their first year on the learning curve with the various movements and will grow more experienced over time.


The camaraderie during a workout is palpable. Everyone is genuinely rooting for each other to do their best. This group energy enables you to easily harness strength and drive within yourself that was previously untapped. You will find that you’re having fun, achieving goals and working out with a group of people that quickly become your friends. This community reaches well beyond the workout and develops deep friendships.