About Us

About Us


Our mission is to help our clients achieve a healthy and active lifestyle by performing consistently challenging workouts in a positive and supportive atmosphere.


You do not need to be “in shape” to join Matador Fitness. Our certified and experienced coaches will provide you with what you need to know and carefully guide you to safely and efficiently perform workout movements. Our individualized coaching will help take your fitness level from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be.
All workouts are programmed ahead of time to include a warmup and a combination of strength training, cardio, gymnastic and/or core movements. We believe that adding variety to our workouts is one of the best ways to prevent plateauing so with that in mind, every workout is always different and we are here to help you progress in your fitness journey. All we ask is that you show up and try your best…the more effort you invest, the better the results you will achieve!

As a new member, you will take the Barbell Basics Series, which consists of one-on-one training sessions with a coach who will teach you the basics of some of the fundamental movements used in our workouts. You will find that the more you consistently workout, the more confident and comfortable you will feel performing the movements. You will also see gains in your overall strength, endurance, and flexibility.


The sense of community felt at Matador Fitness is undeniable. Our diverse group of clients come from all walks of life and age groups with different levels of athletic abilities. However, our common goal to better our health and wellness is what bonds us. You will find that working out can also be fun when you’re surrounded by a group of friendly and motivated individuals sweating alongside you and cheering you on. This positive group energy is contagious and has been known to push clients to find that extra strength and drive they didn’t know they had in them to complete a workout they never thought was possible. Our supportive community reaches well beyond the confines of our facility (or as we like to call it, the “box”) as many of our clients have formed lifelong friendships. Get ready to join our Matador Fitness family!