The Barbell Basics Series is a 4-session introductory course that will teach you the basics of some of the fundamental movements used in our workouts.  You will meet one-on-one with a coach during each of these one-hour sessions.  It’s a great time to share your fitness goals with your coach and to allow your coach to assess your athletic abilities to develop a training plan that will help achieve your goals.  There is no extra charge for these sessions as they are included with your first month of paid membership.

All new clients must take the Barbell Basics Series.  We want to make sure you have a good understanding of some of the basic barbell movements used in our workouts and that you can perform these movements safely before moving on to the group classes.  That being said, your coach may adjust each training session depending on your level of athletic experience.  For example, if you already know how to perform the movements, your sessions may just involve refinement of your technique and you may not need to take all four sessions.

During each one-on-one training session, your coach will discuss and demonstrate a few select upper and/or lower body movements.  You will get the opportunity to practice these movements while your coach is right alongside you to help guide you with achieving good form and body mechanics.  Each session ends with a short, but challenging workout tailored to your specific fitness level and involving the movements you just learned that day. 

By the time you finish the Barbell Basics Series, you will get a good feel for what the workouts will be like when you move on to the group classes and have the confidence to perform the workout movements correctly and safely.  Just because you are done with the Barbell Basics Series does not mean that direct training from your coach will stop.  Your coach will continue to track your progress in the classes and provide you with extra guidance or make modifications as needed to the programmed workout of the day.

We are sorry to hear that you have an injury, but that will not prevent you from joining Matador Fitness.  The beauty of Matador Fitness programming is that it can be modified to fit your needs.  In the Barbell Basics Series, your coach will collaborate with you to design an individualized workout plan that best allows you to get in effective workouts while working around your injury.  Our number one concern is your health and safety.  So please note that with any injury, it is important to always check with your physician first to get clearance on starting a new exercise regimen, including Matador Fitness workouts. 

We are excited you are taking your first step toward a more active and healthy lifestyle!  To find out more about what Matador Fitness has to offer you or to sign up to take a FREE trial class, please send an email to or call us directly at (925) 609-4443.  We will get you scheduled for your free trial class based on your availability.  If you decide to become a Matador Fitness member, we will then schedule your 4 sessions of the Barbell Basics Series at your convenience.  We look forward to working with you!

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